Technology Migration

Imagine a mid-sized law firm in New York requires a web application through which their customers interact. They would have developed the application 3 or 4 years ago, they would have built this anticipating what the future would look like, things change and they build it considering what was the correct technology then without considering how the proprietary technology will affect them in the future. (Remember this is a law firm with no internal IT staff). The firm started using the application and even the customers, over the time the app becomes an integral part of the business.One fine day the firm wants to tweak the application in order to bring in better user experience and change the way it works. Now they have 2 options either to rewrite the application which will cause them more than what they have spent before or use the same application. Since there was a frequent customer demand on improving the app the choice was clear.

Technology has changed the way businesses run. A recent survey in the US found out that every business spends about 10 % of their time in technical issues which is a great loss in productivity. The business owners need to ensure that they have the right technological software for their business.

At FSD Technologies, we have expertise in legacy and emerging technologies and we help businesses with our cutting edge technology migration services.